You’re a Séance, Old North

by Look To The North



First physical edition released in a run of 41 numbered copies; CDr with handcrafted, unique booklet of 24 pages. Sold Out.

Second edition currently in work.


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“You’re A Séance, Old North drifts around a property it’s claimed ownership of for centuries – the local woods. The music flits and circles the forest as well as the outskirts of the nearby township, and as it plays perceptions of reality slowly tilt and twist. Just off the main road, the mystical music lights up the otherwise dim shades of dusk, and the ambient-tainted fireflies produce tiny beacons of sound, their melodies glowing brightly.” – A Closer Listen (JC)


released July 19, 2016

Written, recorded, produced, mixed by Colohan/Corsa, © 2013.

David Colohan: Guitars, autoharp, table harp, melody harp, harmonium, no-input four track, sampled mellotron & field recordings.
Zachary Corsa: Guitars, piano, field recordings & shortwave.

Recorded at: Ballymahon, Parkstone, Vienna, the Esbjerg–Harwich ferry & Sleepaway Camp, Burlington, NC, between summer and autumn of 2013.

Poem and photography by Zachary Corsa.

Drawings/diagrams by Babitt (cover), Bailey, Jinarājadāsa, et al.

Design, layout, and assembly by AOsmosis.



all rights reserved


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